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During your next visit to Italy, you can enjoy staying in one of our attractive, welcoming Vatican vacation rentals in Vatican City. Approximately five million visitors arrive in this culturally rich, beautiful and fascinating city each year, and every one of them enters Vatican City through the expansive piazza known as St. Peter’s Square, directly in front of the Vatican complex of buildings, including St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. By choosing to stay in a our holiday apartments in Vatican, all this and much more will be available for you to see, examine and explore.

When you step out of your comfortable Vatican City vacation rentals selection, you will soon discover the profound grace, beauty, charm and the active community surrounding you. You will be required to heed a local dress code since no hats are worn indoors, and sleeveless tops and halters are forbidden because shoulders must always be covered – pashmina or large scarf will do for covering.

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One of the first places you will want to visit while staying in your choice of the charming Vatican City vacation rentals is St. Peter’s Basilica. St. Peter’s Square balustrade displays 140 statues of saints, and here you will also discover two magnificent fountains, statues of Saints Peter and Paul and a spacious promenade that ends at the basilica entrance.

You will also be intrigued when viewing the Royal Staircase for reading the Vatican Palaces. Although this stairway is 60 meters high, its tapered, narrowing progression of steps give it the visual presence of a longer flight of stairs.

Other great sites to see are Saint Peter’s Tomb, Castel Sant’Angelo (a sturdy fortress on the Tiber River’s right bank as well as the Vatican Museums, Vatican Gardens, The Apostolic Palace, The Cappella Paolina (a chapel in the Pope’s official residence) and Vatican Necropolis. All these profoundly beautiful and significant visitor destinations in Vatican City will be in close proximity to your very appealing and restful selection from our Vatican vacation rentals.

Shopping near our Vatican vacation apartments

Near the Vatican and your vacation rental apartment, you will be delighted to find Via Cola di Rienzo and Piazza Risorgimento – best known venues for shopping in Vatican City and the entire area around Rome. In this active neighborhood, you can shop for clothing, shoes and accessories for everyone in your family along with gourmet foods and luxurious jewelry items.

You should also visit the local markets (outdoor and indoor) for buying fresh vegetables and fruits. Especially in your vacation rental apartment’s kitchen, you may want to feast on your own home-prepared Italian specialties.

As you walk from St. Peter’s Square to the Vatican Museums, you will walk past Via di Porta Angelica with its abundance of shops selling Vatican souvenirs. One famous shop here is Italian Style, offering stylish Italian jewelry. After shopping, you will be ready to return to your choice of our relaxing Rome Unique Vatican holiday apartment, stopping at a nearby bar or cafe for your afternoon glass of fine wine, a cappuccino or an espresso along with your favorite delicious dolce.

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