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When you stay in one of the popular Trastevere holiday apartments in Rome, you will eagerly experience and absorb the truly exquisite beauty, rich character and very essence of this culturally enlightening and enriching city. This unique neighborhood offers irresistible charm, friendly residents and colorful cafes, boutiques and restaurants.

Staying in our Rome Unique holiday apartments in Trastevere you will find an abundance of historical monuments and sites along with many popular visitor attractions. Within a short stroll from our highly appealing Rome vacation apartments, stands Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the oldest churches in the entire city.

During the day, you can enjoy a picnic in the relaxing, enchanting park of Villa Pamphili. As a visiting “Trasteverini,” you will be completely mesmerized, amazed and delighted throughout your stay in this unique, enlightening neighborhood of Rome.

Every night, as you take a leisurely walk back to your choice of our Trastevere holiday apartments in Rome, you will marvel at the many vivid and varied sights and activities of your busy day discovering the treasures of Trastevere.

Trastevere apartments

Trastevere nightlife

Around 7:00 p.m. each evening, the local bars and restaurants begin preparations for greeting the night’s high-spirited guests. This popular area offers nightly socializing characteristic of most Mediterranean countries and cultures. One major advantage near your selection from many Trastevere holiday apartments is the variety in food and beverage prices.

The majority of restaurants, cafes and bars offer a main course priced at about €12 with reasonable rates for their selection of wines. If you like, take your refreshing drink with you while strolling through the nearby streets or visit the busy, happy atmosphere in the neighborhood piazzas. Enjoy the music of local musicians while making new friends among the area residents, other visitors to Rome and even expats.

On Saturday night, take a walk to the Piazza Trilussa to see the Tiber brightly lit up and sparkling. You will delight in the best nights out on the town, ever, when relaxing, eating, drinking and socializing in Rome’s Trastevere district before a good night’s rest in one of our Trastevere vacation rentals.

Trastevere market

The colorful, bustling market scene in the Trastevere neighborhood near your selection of our Trastevere Rome vacation rentals is extensive and diverse. The now permanent market in Piazza San Cosimato held in the morning on weekdays and Saturdays, is one of the smaller ones in the area. However, it lacks no luster in its array of attractive goods with high quality.

The famed Porta Portese Market is the largest in all of Rome. Approximately a mile in length, it extends into the backstreets and alleyways of the neighborhood. This comprehensive marketplace includes merchants with display stalls of fabrics, carpets, antiques, clothing and sometimes even pets. Equivalent to a flea market, this large, unique market converts a corner of the Trastevere district into a bustling hub of busy sales activity.

On your very next trip to Rome, be sure to stay in one of the attractive, relaxing and welcoming Trastevere vacation rentals available in this enchanting center of culture and vibrant life. Its historical and modern visitor sites along with fine dining venues, excellent wines and colorful marketplaces are simply not to be missed.

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