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Spanish Steps

When you choose to stay in one of our charming, highly appealing Spanish Steps holiday apartments on your next visit to Rome, you will be surrounded by the vibrant beauty and romantic ambiance of classic and modern styles seamlessly aligned. The well-known visitors’ attractions of the Spanish Steps exude classic allure along with a rich artistic story and culture.

Just imagine this magnificent site within such a short distance from your favorite holiday apartments near Spanish Steps. Throughout the 18th century, the Spanish Steps were a popular gathering place for artists, poets and other creative individuals. Even today, portrait artists paint elated visitors when they reach the top of the steps. From these heights, you can view many holiday apartments near Spanish Steps and some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in Italy as well.

Spanish Steps apartments

What to do around Spanish Steps

The curious and compelling Fontana della Barcaccia near the foot of the Spanish Steps attracts myriad tourists, especially for photographing one another in front of the magnificent, colorful steps.

For a change in culture and beverage, you should visit Babington’s Tea Rooms serving traditional English tea for over a century. Located on one side of the Spanish Steps with John Keats museum on the other, this charming tea shop close to your choice of holiday apartments near Spanish Steps was first opened in 1893 by two English women, Anna Maria Babington and Isabel Cargill. Today, Babington’s is also a restaurant, offering a dining experience to be remembered along with a wide array of souvenirs, tea condiments and special house tea blends for sale.

Of course, no vacation in the vicinity of the Spanish Steps is ever complete without a leisurely stroll down the Via Dei Condotti, the classic High Fashion Street of Rome. From the foot of the steps, Via Dei Condotti heads toward Rome’s ancient city centre, but not before it dazzles and delights you with the largest display of famous Italian designer brands and luxury retailers imaginable. This trendsetting stop is a must for fashion-forward travelers!

What is near Spanish Steps

After fully absorbing the rich artistic story and culture of the Spanish Steps, other leading attractions await you to the west.

Trevi Fountain’s glorious sculptures where visitors toss coins into the water, wishing for good fortune or a special dream to come true are both fascinating and magnetic, compelling many newcomers to return numerous times during their vacation in Rome.

Although the residents of Rome will take genuine interest in showing you the way if you get lost while enjoying your breathtaking tour through the city, a good map with walking directions is always helpful.

Not far from your Spanish Steps holiday apartments and Trevi Fountain is the Pantheon, a majestic example of the glory of ancient Roman architecture that is over 2,000 years old. You will most likely want to take a walking tour, or hop on and off the local buses, as you like, to visit the beautiful and historic sites near our attractive vacation rentals by the Spanish Steps.

A perfect place to end your tour is the famous Piazza Navona where you can stop to enjoy a delicious, refreshing gelato with cappuccino.

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