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Piazza Navona

If you plan to stay in your choice of our desirable vacation apartments Piazza Navona, Rome, you will be living near one of the most stunningly beautiful and expansive piazza squares in the entire city.

This attractive, memorable locale rich with history and architectural gems has become a popular place to visit, hang out and enjoy an enticing drink or a flavorful meal at any of its wide choice of restaurants. Seated at a comfortable table, you can relax and enjoy the colorful, continuous stream of people passing by, many of whom may be staying in one of our vacation apartments Piazza Navona in Rome.

Piazza Navona apartments

Is Piazza Navona a good place to stay

The ornate beauty of the Baroque architecture and style of the Piazza Navona surrounds you as you walk out the door of your charming choice of Piazza Navona vacation rentals.

Since there is always interesting activity throughout the day and night at the Piazza Navona, there is no chance of you ever being bored. As you walk to the northern end of the piazza, you will discover numerous resident portrait painters along with vendors offering artwork and posters for sale.

You will want to join other locals and visitors during the day and indulge in a delicious and satisfying gelato, espresso or cool drink at a cafe or eatery in the area while people-watching to your heart’s content.

The profound beauty and vibrant culture of this memorable square is near one of our Piazza Navona vacation rentals. As a famous and very busy area, the piazza is a favored gathering place in Rome, centering around three magnificent fountains, glorious Bernini sculptures and the lovely Sant’Agnese in Agone church.

Nightlife in Piazza Navona

In the evening, the square comes alive as its many attractive restaurants and cafes fill with all in search of a savory meal with excellent wines and friendly conversation. This is a pleasant and rewarding benefit of your stay at one of our vacation apartments in Piazza Navona, Rome.

For those who like to be out and about during the late night hours and into the early morning, the large array of inviting cafes and wine bars circling the periphery of the square lend a special welcoming atmosphere of attractive leisure enjoyment to this entire section of Rome. While staying in one of our vacation apartments in the Piazza Navona area, you will be in the midst of a lively nightlife.

The structure and interiors of the bars and eateries are classic and colorful, and the artistic residents are plentiful, as are beautiful shimmering fountains. Just down the road is Campo de Fiori, transformed from a daytime marketplace with bustling activity to a hub of lively nightlife for your late night adventure and enjoyment before returning to your choice among our many Piazza Navona vacation rentals.

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