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When you book a stay in one of our holiday apartments near Pantheon, Rome, you will experience the rich history and glorious beauty of the Ancient City of Rome. Comprised of a few narrow, scenic lanes, this very active and inviting square, the Piazza della Rotonda, offers an abundance of friendly, attractive cafes, bars, small eateries and larger restaurants facing the famous Pantheon.

This unique square of beauty and activity, in the vicinity of one of our holiday apartments near Pantheon, Rome, is a favorite spot for many people of all ages to linger, converse and people-watch. Especially popular are the cafes and restaurants bordering the piazza where leisurely strollers and shop browsers can enjoy a delicious meal or delightful, refreshing beverage while observing the passersby from an attractive outdoor table.

Youthful musicians often perform in bands in the square as impromptu entertainment for tourists and locals who frequent the area, and for you, when you stay in one of our Pantheon vacation rentals in Rome.

The Pantheon is open to the public daily from 8:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m., except for Sunday, some national holidays or if a mass is in progress. Imagine staying in one of our attractive vacation rentals near Pantheon, Rome, in this cultural neighborhood of great charm, enlivened with friendly activity and allure.

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Shopping near Pantheon, Rome

With a central location in Rome, the Pantheon is within close walking distance of the Tiber River as well as the Via del Corso, the most prominent and popular shopping street in the city near Spanish Steps. You can take an easy stroll from your convenient apartment nearby or take a tram or bus to the stop named Largo di Torre Argentina. You will be amazed and delighted with the huge array of boutiques and shops near the Pantheon where you will find most anything you could possibly need or wish to buy.

After your successful shopping spree, be sure to stop for a delicious espresso at the Tazza D’Oro (Cup of Gold) located on a picturesque corner right in front of the Pantheon. Pay a visit to the Cremeria Monteforte nearby on Via della Rotonda for the best gelato in the neighborhood, before heading back to your relaxing choice among our vacation rentals near Pantheon in Rome at the end of the eventful day’s excursion.

Pantheon to Trevi Fountain

During your stay in one of our holiday apartments near Pantheon, Rome, you can easily walk to the famed Trevi Fountain, enthralled by the scenic surprises and buildings of interest that each inviting, winding street has to offer.

If you stroll along this route in the evening, you will find a wealth of attractive small restaurants and bars to explore and enjoy. Be sure to stop in the Trevi Gallery as well, with its breathtaking display of celebrated Murano glass items.

A good, detailed street map and guide book are a must, and these are often distributed to visitors by hotel staff, free of charge. Never hesitate to lose yourself in this beautiful, intriguing and friendly area of the city on your own way to discovering the many treasures, treats, legends and delights of Rome—ancient, historical, modern, and always radiant with inherent beauty and heights of fashion.

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