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By staying in one of our many attractive holiday apartments in Rome near Colosseum, you will enjoy the warm, comfortable, welcoming atmosphere right in the heart of one of the most desirable and intriguing visitor’s destinations in the city, the Colosseum, known as the “Seventh Wonder of the World.”

This ancient landmark is also surrounded by more treasured sites of unique historical significance to Rome and to all of Italy, all in close proximity to your choice of Rome Unique Colosseum apartments. You will enjoy walking on the hill Celio, a quiet, pastoral area with ancient monuments and without large groups of tourists. From the top of the hill along the Via Claudia, you can view three noted churches, Santo Stefano Rotondo, Santa Maria in Domnica and San Giovanni e Paolo, as well as visiting the inviting park, Villa Celimontana.

As you make your way back to your Colosseum holiday apartment, at the bottom of the slope, you will arrive at the Circo Massimo, with the hustle and bustle of busy traffic along the Via di San Gregorio.

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Attractions near the Colosseum holiday apartments

The entire area of Rome surrounding our Colosseum vacation rentals is rich with buildings displaying the heights of Roman architecture and legendary sites throughout history. Nearby to your selection from our holiday apartments by Colosseum you can visit the Imperial Forum of Piazza del Grillo.

Another colorful alley, the Salita del Grillo, is lined by more ancient structures, and as you walk uphill, you will marvel at the amazing view below of the Trajan’s Market. This marketplace is a large expanse of ancient ruins comprised of markets, storehouses and offices.

At the very top of the Salita del Grillo, you can view the Largo Angelicum and also the Militia Tower, which marks the entrance of the Trajan’s Market. Directly adjacent to the Imperial Forum, at the foot of the Capitoline Hill, stands the Carcere Mamertino (Mamertine Prison), within the most ancient area of Rome.

By taking a short walk from our Rome Unique Colosseum apartments, along Via Claudia and the enchanting Via di San Paolo della Croce, you will reach another site of great interest in the city, a complex of buried ancient Roman houses, which originated during the 1st through the 4th centuries AD.

Things to do near the Colosseum vacation rentals

You will be elated by the many attractions and activities near our Colosseum and in close proximity to your choice of Colosseum vacation rentals. At the Hotel Forum, you can enjoy a generous serving of the Salmon Tagliolini. You will also delight in having an aperitif while visiting the Hotel Palazzo Manfredi’s top-floor restaurant at sunset, overlooking the ancient passageways ruins.

Not far away, you can take a mesmerizing trip below the ground to visit the historic Basilica of San Clemente (Via di San Giovanni in Laterano). Then, by donating just two euros to the silent order of nuns at Monastero dei Santi Quattro Coronati, you can view the beautiful 13th-century frescoes of the Chapel of St. Sylvester.

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When you select one of our holiday apartments in Rome near Colosseum as your accommodation for your next trip to this beautiful city rich in ancient, historical and modern treasures, you will enjoy a fascinating educational, inspiring and delightful visit with endless wonderful memories.

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