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Campo de’ Fiori

When you stay in the welcoming charm and comfort of your choice of our Rome holiday apartments in Campo de Fiori, you will experience the true beauty and essence of life in this global center of fine art, architecture, culture, culinary mastery, history and vibrant life.

An intriguing aspect of arranging your holiday apartment rental in this neighborhood of Rome is immersing yourself in the highly contrasting activities nearby from morning to noontime and into the evening. The friendly neighborhood locals, however, are eager to satisfy their appetites with daily purchases of wholesome, fresh-baked breads and delicious sweets during this brief break in their busy days. As dusk becomes evening, Campo de Fiori is transformed into a hub of colorful, diverse nightlife.

This neighborhood is famous for displaying a vital essence, elegance, beauty and charismatic core which surrounds your selection from many Rome holiday apartments Campo de Fiori and is truly characteristic of Rome.

Campo de’ Fiori apartments

Campo de Fiori neighborhood

Campo de Fiori is a popular rectangular piazza in close proximity to Piazza Navona, a short stroll from your Campo de Fiori holiday apartment.

While enjoying the relaxed, attractive and comfortable Italian essence and decor of your choice from Campo de Fiori vacation apartments, you will feel compelled and delighted to discover the many exciting and alluring features and attractions this unique Roman neighborhood offers. Directly behind Campo de Fiori, you will find Palazzo Farnese, which was once the Farnese family’s urban palace. Now the home of the French Embassy in Rome, this landmark is open to visitors every year on July 14th, Bastille Day in France, which commemorates the seizure of the Bastille.

As you will learn when you visit this site, not far from your Campo de Fiori holiday apartment, this building was initially rented to the French by Mussolini, for the modest price of one lira per month. Just behind Palazzo Farnese, you can explore a street named Via Giulia, marveling at the captivating artistry of its overhead bridge with lush, draped ivy.

There is also an abundance of cinemas in Piazza Campo de Fiori, including the Cinema Farnese, where you can enjoy screenings of fine art films. At the Cinema Augustus, located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, you can view a variety of commercial films. During night hours, Piazza Campo de Fiori becomes a central gathering and entertainment spot for the city’s young people.

By selecting your ideal apartment from available Campo de Fiori vacation rentals for your next visit to Rome, you will gain all the beauty, excitement, joy and intrigue of a marvelous Roman holiday that is true to the very core, essence and vitality of this great city.

Campo de Fiori market

The world-celebrated Campo de Fiori Market is open every week, Monday through Saturday, from the early morning hours until 2:00 pm.

In early daylight, its open counter displays of fruits, vegetables and multi-colored flowers glow like fresh still-life paintings for everyone to view and purchase, just a short walk from you Campo de Fiori vacation rentals selection.

Expert creative bakers produce fragrant pizza and breads to fill the air with irresistible aromas of fresh oven-baked goods. You can buy delicious ham, cheese, panini and limoncello (lemon liqueur) to enjoy while relaxing near the statue of Giordano Bruno, or select your favorites from a variety of local souvenirs and other merchandise.

By shopping in this unique venue, you can often find items you desire at reduced prices, and sometimes even at half-price. Balsamic vinegar, spices and boxed cakes are also popular items for sale in this colorful square. At the entrance of Campo de Fiori stands Forno Campo de Fiori, a well-loved and busy bakery known for the glorious fragrance of its newly-baked wheat breads and sweet items.

After making your choices from the attractive array of fresh-baked goods, you can enjoy a leisurely walk back to your inviting and restful Campo de Fiori vacation rentals choice, stopping to browse in the many appealing antique shops and boutiques along the way.

Now you can report your valid, revealing and enchanting onsite experience of this vibrant, intriguing and beautiful square and the many cultural, culinary and specially crafted items it offers to locals and visitors alike.

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