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About Rome Unique

Rome-Unique was founded in 2006 in Rome by Pascal van Duijnhoven. After 10 years working in the short term rental business we came back to our original goal: offer unique Roman places on very unique locations. We decided that is was time to offer a more personalized package to our guests. The result is this website,

We manage all the properties ourselves. We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we will do our utmost best to provide our guests with a true and unique experience. Daniela & Pascal will help you to make your stay in Rome authentic. Live like the Romans, stay in a Rome Unique Apartment!

Daniela Fernanda de Souza

Daniela Fernanda de Souza (Brazil) studied and practiced law in her country until 2010 when she came to Rome to study the Italian language. Daniela fell in love with Rome and with her husband Pascal. Besides the Italian language Daniela studied English and became and expert in finance and administration with the help from one of our shareholders. Daniela’s current home is called Rome and she is very dedicated to pass on her enthusiasm and love for Rome to all our guests.

Pascal van Duijnhoven

Pascal van Duijnhoven spent many summers with his parents in Italy from when he was 4 years old. At the age of 24 he studied his Erasmus program in Turin. In that same year he visited Rome for the first time and he promised himself one day he would live in this amazing city. Pascal owned a small Italian restaurant in Amsterdam and had a small Italian wine import business. After he sold it he moved to Rome in 2005. He applied for a job as a marketeer in tourism. In 11 years Pascal has become a true Italy specialist with love for the Italian history, culture and food.